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After your arrival at the Havana Jose Marti International Airport you can hop into a Havana Airport taxi and head for the city centre. The journey is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long. There are two main Havana Airport taxi services that can transport you from the airport to wherever your destination on the island is.

Taxi OK and Panataxi are the said services and they can be accessed at the Terminal 3 exit; their representativesí telephone contacts are (07) 877 6666 and (07) 555 5555 respectively.

As you leave the airport and head for a Havana Airport taxi you are best advised to know that passengers are ushered into the next available cab regardless of the company that owns it and oblivious of the fact that different companies charge different rates.

The Taxi OK cabs are more expensive than the Panataxi ones so youíll be lucky to get a taxi from the latter service provider. Whatever the case, always negotiate the rate upfront, and donít pay more than 15 CUP for a ride to downtown Havana. The taxis are all safe and modern.
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