Havana Airport Terminal 2 (U.S. Charters)

Terminals Map – T2

Jose Marti Airport Terminal 2 in More Detail

Terminal Two was built in 1988 after political objections to Cuba subsided within the United States government. It was built originally to handle international licensed charters flights from Miami in the US but has since expanded to receive flights from both New York and Los Angeles as well.

The terminal sits in the northern part of the airport next to runway twenty four. Despite being relatively new, the terminal underwent a major renovation in 2010 to provide a more modern experience for passengers. It can handle Gulfstream Air Charters, Marazul Charters, C&T Charters and ABC Charters. As it is a more modern terminal than Terminal One, it includes amenities such as bars, book shops, restaurants and several car rental services within its facilities.

Airlines Terminal 2

1American AirlinesUSA AAAAL
2Falcon Air ExpressUSA 6FFAO
3Cóndor Germany DECFG
4Bahamas AirBahamas UPBHS