Havana Airport Transportation

Havana Airport Buses

Public transportation via local buses is available although this can get pretty bothersome for visitors as the payment must be made in the local currency.

Bus transportation is the primary means of transport for people in Havana and there are two types of buses i.e. the camellos and the guaguas. For each of these buses there is no structured timetable and it is often the case that they are overcrowded throughout the day.

Bus transport is as such not favoured by tourists. In the event that buses must be used it is always advisable to be on the lookout for possible pickpockets.

Lately, three double-decker buses have been introduced for tourists to Havana and visitors can hop on and off as many times as they fancy all day long. The number of bus stops total to 63 and there are three routes i.e. Revolution Plaza – Marina Hemingway, Paula Railway Station – Revolution Plaza, and Alameda Paula – Playa del Este. The buses are available from 10am to 10pm in thirty-minute intervals.

Havana Train

Another means of travelling to Havana is via train. There is a particular tourist train for visitors to the country which is air-conditioned, very comfortable to use, and remarkably affordable. Whatever train you take you are bound to disembark at Old Havana’s Central Station from where you can board a taxi to your respective hotel.

In addition to trains, transport to Havana from all over the island is also offered via long-distance coaches that are very decent to use. For these, the point of arrival is New Havana’s Viazul Bus Station near downtown.

Havana Taxi

For most tourists the best way to get around the city of Havana is via taxi. There are plenty of these and you will almost always get one parked in front of a hotel or a tourist attraction. There are two options of taxi; you can opt for the metered variety and whose rates are quite fair, or you can opt for unmetered ones in the event that you require the services of a driver for the whole day. The metered taxis will mainly be modern vehicles which will offer you travelling comfort while the unmetered ones are in many cases 1950s vintage cars in fine condition thus giving that distinct feel of being in Cuba. For tipping, the usual rate is 10% of the fare.

Going about Havana can also be pleasantly done using bicitaxi – these are human-driven rickshaws that carry two passengers.