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Important Information For Tourists Visiting Cuba

Cuba is an incredibly popular tourist destination for travelers from around the world who come to this Caribbean island nation to enjoy its great climate, rich culture, perfect beaches and more. But there are some basic important facts that all visitors should know before they travel.

Cuba’s official currency is known as the as the Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC) and its value is roughly equivalent to one United States dollar, although if you’re using dollars to buy CUC before traveling then you can expect to pay an exchange rate fee of about 10 percent. Other foreign currencies accepted in Cuba in addition to the dollar are Euros and British pounds sterling. Tourists are cautioned to check the exchange rates before purchasing if they’re looking to buy CUC once on the island. In addition to the CUC, it’s recommended to buy Cuban Pesos that are worth much less than CUC to pay for things like taxis and very small purchases.

Visa Requirements

Every visitor to Cuba is required to complete a card that specifies where on the island they will be staying during their vacation, so make sure you know the exact address before you travel. The location is required to be either an authorized rental home or a hotel. It doesn’t have to be the place that you stay for the entire duration, it only needs to be the place you will be spending the first night or two once in Cuba. In addition, tourists should consult with their own domestic governments on whether they require extra authorization to travel to the island. For example, major restrictions apply to anyone from the United States seeking to visit Cuba.

Travel Insurance

The above-stated restrictions create major hurdles for tourists in the United States attempting to travel to Cuba because companies located in North America cannot ensure coverage during visits to the island. If you’re from the United States then research Cuban insurance companies who can help you arrange coverage for your trip. For travelers from any other country you can simply buy insurance for your vacation from any domestic insurance company. It’s recommended to get insurance to cover unforeseen mishaps on your journey, such as travel problems or medical situations that could require a hospital visit.

Customs And Immigration

Once again, United States visitors face incredibly tough requirements for winning authorization for a trip to Cuba as a result of the tense relationship between the two countries and a general embargo against traveling to, or doing business with, the island. General tourist travel to Cuba is prohibited, but the U.S. government has authorized 12 categories of travel so you can consult with the government to see if you qualify for one of those options. Alternatively, U.S. travelers can first go to Mexico and then fly or sail to Cuba from there, because neither country will put a stamp on your passport to show that you’ve visited Cuba. All other countries do not face such restrictions, and should be able to travel direct to the island without any problems.


Expect significantly limited access to the internet while in Cuba because of censorship from the communist government, and also to endure very slow speeds whenever you can get online as a result of the poor internet infrastructure on the island. You should plan on not really accessing email or the internet for any great length of time during your vacation in Cuba.


One of the biggest draws Cuba offers to tourists is its amazing weather. Because it’s located in the Caribbean you can expect shining sea and warm waters throughout the year. There is an increased amount of rainfall from May until October but it does not make the island colder, so no matter what time of year you decide to visit, the weather will always be close to perfect.