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Havana is the largest and most spirited city in the Caribbean. On the streets of this city you will hardly wait long before you spot vintage American and Russian automobiles from the 50s and 60s. Quite sadly, the city is losing its old buildings rather fast, with an estimated 300 buildings, mainly of the Spanish colonial type, collapsing annually. This is mostly in the Old Town section i.e. La Habana Vieja, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO.

Not to worry though, the situation is not dire everywhere; indeed the plazas, forts and churches around the city are still in very good shape. A most impressive building where you can start your Havana expedition is the Capitolio. This monumental building is renowned for its palatial corridors and after you have walked around them you can get a much deserved rest by seating on its steps and appreciating the view of the streets.

For its over 500 years history Havana has seen so much and all the happenings have gone a long way in shaping the city’s culture. Down the years it has witnessed pirates’ activities, slavery courtesy of Spanish masters, North American Mafia gambling, and much more. It is this City that gave the world mambo and salsa, multiple types of cigars, Havana Club rum, Che Guevara iconography, and mural painting etc.

Next to the aforementioned Capitolio is Parque Central, a park surrounded by prestigious palaces, some of which, like the Inglaterra, have been converted to accommodations. From here you can follow Obsipo Street into Old Havana where you will behold attractions from the days of old like the Florida, Ambos Mundos, and a number of corner bars and drugstores. It is also in this part of Havana that you will behold four different but individually attractive plazas. These are the Plaza de Armas, the Plaza de la Catedral, the Plaza de San Fransisco, and the Plaza de Vieja which is the largest of them all.

Other attractions are the Statue of Christ, the El Morro Fort, the Nacional de Cuba Hotel, and the waterfront along the Malecon.

There is no shortage of where to eat and there are plenty of Paladares, i.e. private home restaurants, to try out including Dona Carmela and La Guarida. The nightlife can be quite scintillating for those who fancy it and the venues include La Casa de la Musica, Le Parisien, Tropicana, and Havana Cafe.
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